The Discovery 

Michael Arscott is a Canadian-born screenwriter with a penchant for writing gripping Science Fiction and Adventure stories. It is his quest to share with others the amazement and wonder he experienced as a boy.


As kids, he and his brother created model space ships from poster board, and played out fantastic stories together. With his creative gateway opened, Michael discovered just how alien something can be when it's human, and how human something can be when it's alien. This epiphany ignited his passion for storytelling.


In hot pursuit to hone his craft, he graduated from Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida with a MFA in Creative Writing. It was at school that he learned that every grain of sand, speck of dirt, and gust of wind has a story. He now seeks to find those stories, follow their journey, and present them in a compelling style.


Michael's career was elevated when his short script, Face the Fear, was published in The Aviator. With that accomplishment and a wealth of knowledge, Michael continues his journey. He now shops his Sci-Fi TV pilot script, Red Rose, his horror script, The Sleep-Fear Manifest, and a drama script, A Very Bad Day.