• Michael Arscott

Go long. Or not?

I was in the theater, watching the trailers for movies and it struck me. I basically just saw eight movies before Spider-Man even started. The fact is, trailers are just too long, and they give away far too much info. Something about a Dog‘s Journey Home gave away the ending completely.

Simply put, if you can’t make a trailer awesome in 1 minute without giving away the entire plot or even the ending, then fire your editor now. I do want to see something about the movie, but I don’t actually want to see it before it comes out.

I remember when Finding Nemo released a trailer featuring the main characters, but it wasn’t part of the script. It was enough for me to say, “I need to watch that!” That’s creative and it’s the nature of the Business to find creative ways to make movie and their trailers. Don’t unwrap your present before Christmas.

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