• Michael Arscott

Star Trek Picard: The First Trailer

It's inconceivable that I would be sitting here writing about an adventure that ended over 1.5 decades ago, but as the trailer states, it's "far from over". Star Trek: Picard has its first trailer and have to say, my reaction was a bit bigger than a child getting his first bike. To say that this series has a chance to go epic is simply an understatement. Sir Patrick Stewart is iconic all by himself, but to get help from friends and actors like Jeri Ryan, Brent Spiner, and Johnathan Del Arco, who return to reprise their roles as Seven of Nine, Data, and Hugh, respectively... I'm just gushing about how great a show like this really can be. Word is that Johnathan Frakes will also be returning, but the hard part has arrived --- We have to WAIT and see.

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