• Michael Arscott


Is it just me, or are trailers for movies just way too long? Not only that, but they give away a ton of the story that we can piece together and create about 75% of the plot. Is that the way it's supposed to be? I don't think so. Trailers are meant to entice viewers to watch the movie, but they're not supposed to give away plot and story lines to the extent we've seen it.

If you ask me, the best trailers are about a minute long, and contain information that lets us know about some of the characters and what the movie will look like. It's not a matter of showing an audience everything. Make the audience want to see more and more and more. Draw them in with a 15 second skit based on the movie, but not necessarily from the movie (Finding Nemo did it, successfully.)

The business of movies and trailers isn't an easy one. The only easy thing to do is to lose the purpose. After a recent Star Wars: TROS trailer, I was convinced that trailers should be done a different way... A shorter way... A way that draws people in by showing a preview, not a short film. That's the art that I think has been lost.

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